The RLabs house is set to host its third #FirstThursday event on the 6th of October. This #FirstThursday is expected to have record-breaking attendance hosting people from Mitchell’s Plain and beyond.

“StraArt” is a creative outdoor exhibition this month that showcases our love for Art and our HOPE of seeing the community and world in a better place.

Some of the art showcased come from artists:
SethOne is a skilled muralist based in Cape Town. Seth boasts proficiencies in design, illustration, photography, graffiti and street art. Seth has earned a reputation for his pieces depicting animals like frogs and many others in a fantasy style. Seth’s work often evokes themes of freedom. He chooses to work in challenging environments where his beautiful murals can intrigue and uplift the environment. He draws inspiration from Michelangelo who once said, “…I am still learning…”
Wayne Beukes, who serves under the alias Conform, is an urban visual artist who utilizes various mediums from vector & Digital to graffiti and hand screen-printing and wheat pastes in some of his works. Conform discovered his core style while he was in college around 2002. A graduate of Art Direction and Design, Conform was a trailblazer in implementing a style that brought design elements to traditional graffiti. Conform developed robot characters with a minimalist African/South American feel that is featured in his work. Conform’s work has been in exhibitions across the world.

Falko Fantastic is an award-winning, global icon who started in street art in the 1980s before the first democratic election in South Africa. Falko Fantastic and his family were uprooted from their home in District Six and were forced to restart their lives in Mitchell’s Plain. Falko Fantastic was 16 years old when he was asked to paint the wall of a school in Mitchell’s Plain. Falko remarks that graffiti was fated into his life. Falko’s impact is recognized across South Africa, as well as internationally where he has achieved major acclaim. Falko Fantastic is truly a grandmaster of South African street art, who hasn’t forgotten the heartbeat of the streets or the power of humility that comes from a can of spray paint.

Andrea Beukes goes by the pseudonym DRONE, from an early age DRONE showed an affinity for comics and drawing characters that would sprout into a love for painting characters and Graphic Murals. DRONE’s background in Graphic Design led to experimentation with different colours and techniques on different mediums from walls to screen printing. He had a fondness for traditional media but wouldn’t shy away from the digital format during commercial projects. Such as helping small businesses with logos, typeface/fonts, hand-drawn vintage signage and adhesive stickers.

RSVP to learn, celebrate and network with people from different industries showcasing HOPE & ART’s positive impact on the economy and skills of the communities.

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