It has been 12 months since we’ve launched our Innovation Incubator and it has been a very interesting year as we increased our Incubation Start-ups from 1 to 7 and starting to see growth in making those innovation ideas a reality. What makes the RLabs Innovation Incubator different is that it has a very strong Social Entrepreneurship focus with all the start-ups having to meet at least these criteria:

1. The product or service should have a Social Impact
2. There should be a sustainable or business model
3. It should be scalable

It is important to note that RLabs do not offer business incubation services but more incubating the idea from concept to reality. We then connect those start-ups who wishes with Business Incubators or business mentors. RLabs also successfully managed to have its first start-up (JamiiX) being formed into a company and with the support by SAFIPA got to commercialise the product locally in South Africa and also move it into the global market.

Other products or Projects currently being incubated in RLabs are:

1. She’s The Geek (A Woman Technology Blog)

2. Uusi – Your New Beginning…(Educational and Job Mobile Social Network)

3. Social Media Factory – Industrialising Social Media (A Social and New Media Agency powered by Community Members)

4. MoVigo – The Mobile Village (Mobile Social Network)

5. JamiiX Mobile – Social eXchange (Mobile Version of JamiiX)

6. BuSafu – Business Layer (A Mobile Social Network for Small Businesses)

7. Football Vibe (A community football news portal)

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