Next week the RLabs hub in Cape Town will celebrate its 4th year of innovation incubation and acceleration. Since inception 37 start-ups and social innovation projects were initiated via this programme that served millions of users through the various platforms. This year 10 new innovations and start-ups will be showcased and we excited to announce the teams who will present next week:

Design Lunatics – A design and creative start-up offering creative digital solutions to businesses

Catch-UpThis audio streaming widget currently enables online radio services easy integration of their streaming offerings. 

mToto (ECD) –  The mToto initiative is the flagship Early Childhood Development offering and aims to develop solutions to address some of the biggest challenges in this sector. The first solution is an administration and learner management platform for ECD Centres. The team have partnered with one of the largest ECD organisations to support under-resourced centres in South Africa.

mToto (Bitcoin) Another mToto solution where Bitcoin is used to crowd-fund support for ECD centres. 

Kaazi – This platform enables youth to access localized work opportunities to gain much needed work experience.

RLabs U – The RLabs U offering is the latest educational service that RLabs Academy created to provide access to skills training in their local communities. The core offering is the decentralization of training programmes in a local context.

HubBox – This web-based platform enables innovation hubs and work spaces to track activities within their centres. It currently offers an attractive alternative for hubs and spaces who would like to see the impact of their spaces in real-time.

Zlto – The rewards currency solutions that have already issued more than US$150,000 in rewards since its inception. This solution aims to mobilize youth to do good work in their communities and then enable them to spend the rewards through a mobile wallet that contains Zlto that can be spent at selected merchants. 

Spazaa – This is a supply-chain and ordering solution for informal traders. 

RLabs Radio – The RLabs Radio is the incubator for digital radio innovations and also offers a week-day show giving the world insights into the world of RLabs.


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