It is with great excitement that RLabs took in its third class into the Innovation Incubator and Accelerator programme. This 9 month programme will assist Social Entrepreneurs with support, access to networks and resources as well as providing mentorship and guidance.

This year we have a diverse group of Social Entrepreneurs covering areas such as Education, Energy and Environment, Agriculture, Employment and Media. This is also the second time that RLabs are providing support to virtual projects. The InnovIA projects for 2014 that will be hosted and supported via RLabs in Cape Town are:

Green Watt: An academy programme and mobile application that aims to provide local communities with skills and development in renewable energy. It also provides opportunities for community members to learn how to use recycled materials to produce energy.

Qhamani: Qhamani means “GLOW” in Xhosa and an exciting project to re-imagine townships as possible places in South Africa where organic and sustainable farming can thrive. This young team will develop a toolkit with supported technology that will provide the individual with an opportunity to farm organic produce that can sustain a family and be extend to local market places in the township.

Edufication: Connects students, teachers and parents through their mobile and web application. It allows parents to be more engaged with the learning experience of their children as well as provide status reports along with communication channels with teachers.

University-Hgh School Mix: Another one of our education enterprises that will focus on career guidance for high school children through connecting them with universities and colleges via mobile and web platform.

Hoja: Hoja is a Content Management System that provides its users with an opportunity to build a Mxit, Mobile Web and Android application through its drag-and-drop features. Its goal is to make building applications simple for fast deployment and scalability.

BW Jobs 4 Graduates: One of our virtual incubatees is from Botswana that provides more jobs, learnerships and opportunities to a community of more than 60,000. Based in Gaborone and being supported by RLabs Botswana we are looking forward to the partnership with BW4Jobs to build and deploy a range of platforms to enhance the job searching for people in Botswana.

School Times: Our other virtual incubatee is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa who launched School Times. School Times is South Africa’s first school media house. They aim to provide each school across the country with the ability to publish their school newspapers via the School Times mobile application in order to promote journalism and the use of technology to increase efficiency.


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  1. What a wonderful innovation R Lab is! This is what our communities – our youth in particular – need. Theres so much latent, raw talent and interest to better their circumstances amongst our youth – and the knowledge that theres a place to go to which could offer them a hope of a better future than just drugs and gansterism is awesome and greatly appreciated!

    , personally, would like to know more about your Green Watt product – I live in Kewtown Athlone.

    Kind Regards


    1. Thank you for your kind words Nuri and we will pass on your message to the Green Watt team so that you can connect with them.

      Best wishes

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