Today we are proud to introduce the next bright ideas that will be hosted at the RLabs Innovation Incubator & Accelerator during 2013. The ideas below will receive incubation, mentorship, business and product development, and up to $20,000 seed investment/support/mentorship over the next 9 months. The ideas that will be hosted at RLabs are:

Cinemo – A mobile application distributing music videos, movies and public service announcements.

What’s Your Price – A winner at the Trade Transparency Hack Bootcamp last year, providing a crowd sourced platform for consumers to match prices of daily goods.

Apptitude – A mobile application matching talent seekers with those who would love to showcase their talent.

“Informal Trader”
– An application seeking to provide informal traders and tradesmen the opportunity to offer their services using their mobile phones as the key connector. This was also an idea that was a finalist during the 2012 Trade Transparency Hack Bootcamp.

“Common Design”
– An open source platform for sharing ideas around design and creativity that can be re-used by others as long as creator of design are being credited for their work.

“Anantara Aanganwadi” – Our first virtual incubation in partnership with the Stargazers Foundation aims to develop a new model for community healthcare through technology and education. The word Anantara in Sanskrit/Hindi means ‘without end’ freedom, movement and harmony. The word Tara in Sanskrit/Hindi also means ‘Star’. Aanganwadi is the name of the mother and childcare centres where the project will be deployed in villages across India.

Congratulations to all the incubatees and we wish you well on this journey. We will showcase each one of the InnovIA projects over the next few weeks where you can learn more about the people behind these ideas.

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    1. Hi Yusuf. Our next batch of applications for the Incubator will be end of the year and for our Academy programme will be in June.

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