RLabs New Space Under Construction

Yet another exciting week has passed  for the Reconstructed Living Lab. The team   finalized the graduation date and worked on some  logistics of  the graduation. This year 35 participants will graduate from the Reconstructed and Mom3.0 sessions. A big thanx to Nokia for sponsoring 2 mobile phones this will go toward the special prize.    Marlon came with great news, that everything is finalized and RLabs will relocate to a new premises.  Thursday we had a planning meeting on how we gonna  reconstruct a run down community space into an innovative space to change the lives of citizens.  Three of the team members are designated to drive this project while the rest of the team will carry on with the daily operations.   The goal is to move in by the end of November that leaves us with  3 weeks of reconstructing the space 🙂

If anyone want to contribute to this project feel free to contact our office. “Many hands make light work “

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