It has been almost three years since the official launch of our mobile advice and support service at RLabs South Africa and we’ve seen so much growth over these years. The service itself have spread beyond just substance abuse but also provides support for people in need of help in the areas of depression, career advice, abuse, HIV/AIDS and many other social areas. The mobile services by RLabs currently have more than 500,000 people being supported and receive over a million interactions a month via the mobile service through MXit and the service have extended beyond just South Africa but into other countries as well. RLabs in Asia as well as the activity in Finland and Nigeria will be launching similar programmes that we are looking forward to.

Below is a video mandated by the Finnish Foreign Ministry (Finland Global) where it highlights the RLabs Mobile Advice and Support programme (sponsored by Vodacom Foundation) that is provided using JamiiX (supported by a SAFIPA grant) and testament to the great work being done by the amazing team of mobile counsellors.

RLabs luo sosiaalisia innovaatioita Kapkaupungissa from on Vimeo.

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