October has been a busy month providing support to thousands via the RLabs mobile services (Angel on MXit and DAS@jamiix.im). Both these services are unique in that it offer subscribers to these channels a wide range of social services that they can access. Angel (Sponsored by MXit and RLabs) is an information portal that provides its users access to information related to substance abuse, stress and coping, depression, debt counselling, educational opportunities etc. The DAS@jamiix.im contact is a LIVE support service provided by RLabs and Impact Direct (Sponsored by JamiiX) where users can have real time conversations with trained counsellors in a number of social areas.

October has been a very busy month on these services and we just want to share some of our activity via these offerings. In total both these RLabs services have 109,107 subscribers indicating the power of using mobile phones to provide social services to communities. In addition to the RLabs mobile services other offerings such as HIV, Debt and Lifeskills which is supported by RLabs serves a further 87,344 subscribers bringing the total number of people being supported via the mobile channels to 196,451.

Some demographics of interest to the above services show that the age group with the highest number of users subscribing to the RLabs services are users aged 18-25. See graph below for distribution of our subscribers by age:

The subscribers with regard to gender is distributed evenly (See graph below):

The Top 5 social services most frequently accessed by the mobile subscribers are:

1) Stress
2) Depression
3) Drug Addiction
4) Educational Services
5) Relationship related

The total number of interactions during October for the Angel and DAS services were 512,791 and proves the increased activity of engagement using low cost chat platforms such as MXit.

Source: Technology for Community Empowerment

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