It has been just over a year since our last visit to Porto, Portugal where the RLabs movement started its first international social franchise. Being back with champions Tiago and Gustavo was a wonderful opportunity to connect and assess the growth of RLabs in Portugal.

The visit by Marlon and Rene gave RLabs the opportunity meet with other like-minded individuals who want to be part of the Social Revolution in Portugal. The University of Porto hosted a public talk about RLabs and its plans for initiatives in Portugal. The title of the talk was ICT for Social Change and three key aspects of ICT4D was discussed:

1) Appropriate Technology
2) Be Relevant
3) Sustainability

The response by students was overwhelming and many indicated that they would be joining the RLabs Portugal team providing engineering support. Another reason for the visit was to meet with other key stakeholders who will be working with our champions in Porto. The stakeholder meeting brought a variety of people together from Academia, Industry, Corporate and Civil Society and Healthcare. The session ended with a buzz in the air and we are surely looking forward to possible collaborations with a number of interested stakeholders. It was also here where the first RLabs Portugal project was announced that will be a Crowd sourced SMS-based counseling service (based on the JamiiX concepts) that is developed by our team in Porto. We are surely excited to see the growth by the champions and the next few months we will keep our finger on the pulse as we see the Social Revolution spreading across Portugal changing the lives of citizens.

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  1. Hey guyz u rock i want to be part of ur group u teach us a lot u make us realise what going on life.from now on i can be something one day.

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