Opening a new Innovation and Empowerment space for the RLabs community does require not just passionate and committed people but also the same passion from a web hosting company. That passion was found in Afrihost who is offering FREE hosting and internet access to the RLabs community. Afrihost is a company dedicated to delivering a web hosting service that will truly delight their clients. They were formed in August of 2000 on the premise that they could deliver a web hosting service superior to the service provided by the industry at that time and RLabs certainly have experienced that since being powered by Afrihost.

This support allows RLabs the opportunity to continuously offer its community FREE online training and access to the RLabs Academy, allow community and technology entrepreneurs a work and creative space and offer mobile counselling services to over 250,000 people all over South Africa. RLabs therefore want to thank Afrihost for their contribution to the Social Revolution and making a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

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