RLabs Productions Team – Highlights

Looking back at the memorable RLabs productions team highlights for the past year(2021), we believe the production team have created amazing assets this past year from animating to filmmaking despite the pandemic and being such a small team. 

Throughout the year they have been creating animated explainer videos for growing businesses that have gone through RLabs Women and Innovia Incubation Programmes. The team have also created course advertisements and course summary explainer animation videos for the RLabsU short courses that our communities have been a part of via WhatsApp and zoom this year! We had the opportunity to bring to life new and some existing platforms and businesses in conjunction with the Technology and Innovation Agency (TIA). 

On estimate, the productions have created over:

 36+ Animation videos

181+ Facebook videos

 37+ Youtube videos

With Total Productions over 255+ videos to date.

All of this is within the year 2021. 

They didn’t stop there. Whilst they were growing their diverse team, joining the team as part of the Skills accelerator program, Firdous Votersen and Israfeel Booley, ensuring that their talents and skills are getting nurtured too. They trained them within a two weeks production sprint, which has been a great experience.

Our Production team managed to continue even through the COVID-19 period we are currently facing, we have achieved great milestones and will continue to do so.

Visit Rlabs.live to check out some of the work done by our production team. 

Thank you! #MakingHOPEcontagious

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