RLabs Says “Yes” To Youth

66.5%, this shocking percentage is the current youth unemployment rate in South Africa. It is definitely arduous being a young person in this country where opportunities seem bleak and out of reach. Who or what can offer a solution to this problem that has been persistent year after year?

A Cape Town organization famously in the Cape Flats community and to over 20 countries all over the world known as RLabs – Reconstructed Living Lab, offers a helping hand through a partnership with the government organization YES – Youth Employment Service, Cell C & Fairtree; Together for the past few months, have successfully on-boarded 109 young people. These youth will now have access to a paid internship through which they can gain or improve their skills and enhance their educational knowledge through the RLabs birthed; Skills Accelerator Project, at the same time earn an income. These are but a few of the many cohorts RLabs has hosted thus far and they aim to increase the number of youth and cohorts in the coming months.

RLabs and the YES program aims to equip youth with the necessary experience to make young people more employable, provide a dash of dignity by having them earn an income and at the same time tackling the high youth unemployment rate currently dangling over South Africa.

Who better to solve complex problems than the youth who are currently facing the complex problems themselves.

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