RLabs Was “Living In Colour” This August

In a dazzling display of colours, creativity, and community spirit, the First Thursday Movement through the RLabs House and Gallery celebrated its first anniversary this August with an event called Living in Colour that paid homage to the incredible accomplishments of all of the local artists who exhibited from the first month the movement was established in Mitchells Plain to the present. The gallery, nestled in the heart of Mitchells Plain, has become a hub for artistic expression, and this milestone anniversary was a testament to its commitment to fostering creativity and honouring diversity.

The gallery, known for its commitment to showcasing emerging artists and featuring renowned local artists, transformed into a haven of artistic marvels and inspiration as it marked its first year in operation. The air was alive with anticipation as visitors flooded the gallery, eager to witness the kaleidoscope of artworks that adorned the walls. From a contemporary sculpture that seemed to defy the audacity of hope to intricate abstract paintings that captured the essence of emotion, the exhibits were a striking reminder of the power of artistic expression.

What truly set the anniversary event apart, however, was its fervent celebration of women artists and entrepreneurs. In an industry often plagued by gender imbalances, the First Thursday took the opportunity to put women artists at the forefront. The gallery featured a curated selection of pieces from Mischa Coetzee, the first and only female artist to have had her own exhibition in the year thus far. Her creative bravery serves as an encouragement for more females to step into these creative spaces without any fear.

The event was also graced by the presence of some women entrepreneurs who are carving their names into the business world. To name a few; Food vendor JayJay’s Kitchen, clothing vendor Prints of Peace Pty Ltd, and accessories vendor Minden Collective have had a stall almost every month at our First Thursday events.

The celebration wasn’t just limited to the visual arts. A mesmerizing performance by The Mitchell’s Plain Music Academy and singer Jodi Jantjies brought attention to the power of words in music form.

As the night unfolded, attendees had the opportunity to engage with the artists themselves, gaining insight into their motivations and techniques. The gallery buzzed with conversations that crossed generational and cultural boundaries, as attendees found common ground in their appreciation for creativity and the celebration of women’s contributions.

As the night came to a close, the gallery’s walls seemed to radiate a sense of accomplishment, gratitude, and hope. The one-year anniversary had not only commemorated a year of artistic excellence but also stood as a symbol of the power of creativity and the enduring impact of women in the world of art.

With its unwavering dedication to celebrating diversity and promoting women artists, the First Thursday event is poised to continue its journey as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment in the artistic landscape of Westridge, Mitchells Plain. As visitors left the gallery that night, they carried with them a renewed sense of awe for the art world and a deep appreciation for the women who shape it – one brushstroke at a time.

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