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Lindsey, from Mitchells Plain, runs a blog called Lindsey Tinsey. She sees herself as an ordinary girl from the Cape Flats who doesn’t have a large number of followers and money but still has the opportunity to explore her own country.

She started getting into blogging and journaling in high school around 2005/2006. She had blogs on various platforms such as Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, news24, and MySpace. The topics she wrote about at the time were things that interested her. She wrote about her hobbies, holidays, books, and at one point trying to learn guitar.

As the years went by she had several blogs that never lasted long. From 2013 to 2015 she ran a lifestyle blog with a friend of hers called Ping and Ting. They had loads of fun as they attended fashion shows and beauty events together. Sometimes they would get sent beauty products to test and review for the blog.

Eventually, they realised that they were not 100% into it anymore and decided to close the website. Around the time when Ping and Ting were ending in 2015, she registered her domain for lindseytinsey She started writing about weekends away and some day trips. She went on hiatus for about a year and the site was inactive.

The purpose of Lindsey Tinsey is to inspire people, especially women and girls, to go out and explore the world. She wants to show them that they are not restricted to their own
neighbourhood and cities. “There is more out there and you might only have to travel
30 minutes to find something new”, she says. Lindsey really hopes that the site will inspire someone to book a day trip, a weekend away, a holiday or even try a new restaurant.

“It gives me the satisfaction of seeing my adventures displayed on the site and knowing that people are reading it and might be inspired to go on their own adventures,” says Lindsey.

RLabs women gave her the opportunity to share her project and ventures and she hoped that it would help her reignite her website. Her website is also geared towards SDG5 (Sustainable Development Goals) “Achieve gender equality”. The Junk.Fund gave her the confidence to continue and even helped her change her theme and create her own header.

Her plans for the future is to visit a few places on her bucket list and write about her new experiences.

Her advice to anyone who wants to start their own side project is to always do what you are interested in and what you feel passionate about. It’s okay to sometimes feel stuck in a rut or uninspired, and feel as if you want to quit. Just make sure that you always have a plan to get back on track, if it’s really something you believe in.

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