RLabs Women Rev it Up for Graduation

The anticipatory atmosphere that sparked across the fifteenth and the seventeenth of November 2023, became the heralding call for soon to be graduates of the Afrilabs RevUp Women Programme, facilitated by the RLabs Women Division.

The programme that spanned twelve weeks, was “designed to accelerate female-led businesses into profitable & sustainable ventures that can stimulate the creation of jobs on the continent,” according to  RevUp Women.

The programme hosted by the RLabs Women at the Westridge Dlab Precinct was a sight best seen in person. From the celebratory calls after business names, as well as the names of its’ owners were announced, fueling the mass celebration after the group photo had been taken. This spilled over into the pitch and demo day twenty-four hours later.

RLabs Women: Participants supporting one another

Each female entrepreneur held the names of their peers in high esteem and took each certificate, check and award as a badge of honour unto themselves. A model for the three c’s for success, the RevUp Women have certainly forged connections. They have communicated and formed relationships that inspired collaboration between their respective businesses.

The winner of the pitch and demo day, that will represent the Cape Town Cohort of the RevUp Woman program, competing for the chance to win ten thousand dollars in seed funding was none other than, Ncinci Ndiqalo Pty (Ltd)!

If you are unaware, Ncinci Ndiqalo Pty (Ltd), translated to Small Beginnings, is a waste management company that promotes recycling in all sectors. Their skill sets include recycling, corporate & business cleaning services, waste management and removal.  They also provide the collection, transportation & removal of hazardous waste for the ROSE Foundation, and horticultural maintenance. A business making sure our future is brighter and cleaner!

The second runner up is Williams Transport Solutions  Ltd., currently a trucking and transportation company, looking to branch into the ride-hailing industry. The First Runner up is What the Fudge, a business that offers bespoke, uniquely presented artisanal Fudge.

The award for fan favourite was also announced. It was none other than Prints of Peace, an online clothing and custom print store, specialising in positive messaging for a world in desperate need of more upliftment.

It is evident that the RevUp Women Programme as well as RLabs Women, offer more than training and business support. Programmes and Partners such as RevUp Women and RLabs Women hold much needed space for women, who only need a platform, a listening ear and willing investors.

These RevUp Women are stepping out and building stronger networks. Networks that last a lifetime. A lifetime we are all fortunate to see unfolding.

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