And just like that, we are coming to the end of 2021 but before we end the YEAR let us take a moment and reflect on what’s been happening in RLabsU. As we all know we’ve been in Lockdown due to Covid-19 and the RLabsU team needed to make sure our communities are still connected with learning Opportunities. From that birthed the idea of our WhatsApp Micro-Courses. It was something new and different for us as a team and the community we serve and like with every new project there were several challenges, one being would the community be comfortable learning and doing these courses via WhatsApp

The community was a bit hesitant but as time went on we saw that more people wanted to be a part of the Micro-Courses and upskill themselves.

We started by offering 7 Courses and this number quickly increased to 10 courses as the community was asking for more and as RLabsU we are always making sure that our community gets the best opportunities and experiences. One thing that we learned over the Years is to always listen to our Community.

We were also super excited to introduce the updated version of our Student Portal. The community was now able to sign up for a course via our student Portal and once they completed this course they were also able to access their certificate via the same Portal, this made things easier for the community we were serving.

We managed to train people via Whatsapp and Zoom with a new skill and issue a Certificate of completion that they access through our RLabsU Student Portal.

Below we have a few highlights and some feedback from our participants on how the training was and benefited them:

In today’s course I have learnt that in projects, there are risks and you have to have a plan B. Work as a team and apply skills. Have a financial strategy and take responsibility. – RLabsU Student

I learned that with project management you are able to plan accordingly and be able to set objectives for your project. – RLabsU Student

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