The Innovia teams have completed the 1st trimester of the incubation period and are now in their 2nd trimester.


The Innovians pitched a basic prototype of their product on Friday, 29th May with the aim to prove that the market needs what they have to offer.  In preparation, they presented to a small group of developers and mentors, in order to prepare for the main pitch to be done in front of RLabs staff.


During the months of April and May, the teams spent time testing their idea and trying to prove product/market fit. This involved creating sketches and wire-frames in order to discover what their target audience really thinks about what they were working on. This part of the programme helped the teams receive customer feedback that would later on shape their idea and improve their prototypes.

Although the Innovians were nervous, all of them did very well as the staff loved hearing all about what they had been working on for the past few months.


The first trimester was all about building a prototype, developing the idea, and finding potential customers. The second trimester will be all about product development. After some more customer insights, the technology will be built by the developers.The teams are currently liaising with the UX students of the Accenture training, in order to get insights into what their app should look like in order to satisfy their customers.

The milestone for this trimester is to have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready to be pitched at the end of July.


We wish them everything of the best as they create innovative technology solutions for social change.

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