This morning was week 5 of the MOM4.0 at the RLabs Academy. Monique Ross (co-founder of She’s the Geek) introduced the 29 women to Facebook.

Since week 1, the women have asked when will they be introduced to Facebook? This was not easy to hold off on as each week the same question was asked. No wonder there has been an increase in adult women as early adopters of Facebook. Week 1-4 the women were firstly introduced to the wonderful world wide web, then the set up of Gmail email accounts and then blogging via Blogger.

It was important for the women to become comfortable not only with the web but also using computers. And there are also certain fundamentals that are important to cover before releasing someone on the web. As part of the facilitation and training provided by She’s the Geek at the RLabs Academy we would like to proudly say that people being trained are trained to be responsible internet and social media users. The stats are there to prove that many individuals started using social networks without learning fundamentals about being a responsible user of the internet and the various social networks on the web. The aim is not only to have the women become web savvy but also to have women who understand that with great power comes great responsibility. The web is a powerful tool and it can either be used for good or for bad. It is also important for them to understand that there are certain rules of engagement that should be adhered to.

So, this morning it was a surprise for the women attending the MOM4.0 session to finally have their question answered. The excitement on everyone’s faces when they heard that they will be introduced to Facebook today was priceless. After the presentation by Monique all the trainers gathered around the women and got them signed up onto Facebook, updated their profiles (including a pic) and of course finding their friends and adding the rest of the women in the session.

All too soon the time ran out and we had to end the session. As there are 2 sessions that run one after the other to accommodate the large number of moms, we could not run over time because the next group of moms were waiting patiently for their turn.

Now we have a few more early users of Facebook.

Source: She’s the Geek

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