Sierra Labs

The initiative in Sierra Leone by partners RLabs , Plan Finland, Plan Sierra Leone and Knowledge Aid has been going really well. The purpose of this program is to empower the champion youth to take the lead in improving their communities by solving social issues with youth led innovations, technology and entrepreneurship initiatives.

RLabs has sent out 2 of their champions to do various blocks of training to kick start this initiative. Train the trainer workshops has proved to be very effective in the other RLabs hubs Africa. It was no different with the youth in Sierra Leone youth. They have adopted the model quickly and have effectively applied it. Already they have trained up their first group of youth from various organisations and regions.

The youth from the first block of training (Train the Trainer) have also started their own Living Lab and have named it Sierra Labs. RLabs, Plan Finland, Plan Sierra Leone and Knowledge will continue to support, provide guidance and on – going training to the youth Sierra Labs .

All the Sierra Labs members will also be doing an online course with Get Smarter. Get Smarter is a premier online company that partners with prestigious universities and leading organisations to offer to continuing education short courses, undergraduate programmes , post graduate programmes and customised business solutions.

The Social Revolution has begun in yet another African country. We are looking forward to see the impact Sierra Labs is going to have not just on the youth , but also the other generations of Sierra Leone .

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