We asked our InnovIAns what has motivated them over the last 9 months and what their expectations are for the launch, and this is what EduGreen and GoVarsity had to say:

EduGreen – By Michaela Collison

  • What motivated me the past 9 months?

“Probably the fact that I always wanted to work with students through educating them. I’ve learnt a lot about alternative/renewable energy and that has helped me to teach them what I’ve learnt. The more you learn, the better the opportunities are because of what you know. Making a difference in the lives of others could make them better people.”

  • What is my expectation for tomorrow?

“For the launch to be successful, people should see the importance of being educated and learning about alternative/renewable energy because it benefits them and those around them.”

GoVarsity – Luthando Dyasi

  • Motivation

“The intimate relationship I grew with Govarsity has kept me going. The support from the Rlabs team and the assurance I got from people that Govarsity is indeed a potential global change that only needs perfect execution. One more thing that has kept me motivated is my past experience and the confused look from young people’s faces when asked about their future.”

  • Expectations

“I expect to have one of my best nights ever, a moment that I’ll cherish and share with my grand children one day. That’s all.”

We are so excited for what’s about to happen tonight. We wish the InnovIAns all of the best not only for tonight, but for whatever lies ahead.

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