The RLabs InnovIA Launch is a few hours away. If you don’t know what and who will be launching, read below as 2 of our start ups speak to us about their experience over the last 9 months and also what their  expectations are for tonight.

Hoja Apps – By Kurt Appolis 

1. What kept us going over the past 9 months?

“Hoja was built out of necessity. Not only did our internal group of developers desperately need a way to start new projects faster, but we noticed it was appealing to a different; and much larger group of people. We, who wish easier tools existed to create websites with.

The nine months helped us focus our efforts; inherently our features, on improving the lives of the latter group. The expansion of Hoja since its inception last year is amazing and the amount of input we received throughout the incubation period at RLabs has really shaped the way Hoja is built today.”

2. What are my expectations for tonight?

“I expect many people to be amazed at the technology that we’ve built at RLabs. We have capable developers, testers, founders and staff who helped shaped Hoja. I’m only demonstrating their skills and how Hoja will serve future users of the platform going forward after the launch.”

Qhamani – By Nisha Sibeko

“The past nine months have not been easy with the team and its never ending dynamics. But I had people who I confided in who would motivate me more especially when I was feeling down. I must say I have grown a lot from this experience. A lesson that I’ve learnt was that choosing a team is about evaluating the individuals’ ability of doing the work, what will they contribute, are they passionate enough or do they have enough eagerness or drive in them and not just because you hang around with them.

I have found comfort in putting the people who need nutritious food, those who need people to awaken the good in them, first. Listening music has also helped me especially jazz and classical music which takes you out of this world.

Tonight I am expecting people who will be honest ,interactive and give us their input, so that I can enrich my knowledge and of course did I mention good food.”

Watch this space. We’re in for an awesome evening. Follow the launch by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

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