Over the past week RLabs in collaboration with JamiiX started its 2nd Mobile Report for 2011 (Our first Mobile report is available here). The focus of the report will be on the response of youth (aged 13 – 35) in South Africa to Mobile Advertising. After 5 days of running the Mobile Survey we managed 5,817 responses and below we share some of our findings to wet your appetite for the forthcoming Mobile Report.

1) The top 3 mobile phone brands used by our respondents were Nokia, Samsung, LG.

2) The amount of time respondents spend online using their Mobile Phone?

3) Only 22% of the respondents DO NOT use the mobile phone for money/payment transactions. The most popular transaction was purchasing of airtime.

4) Supporting the current concerns amongst youth in South Africa about Education 37% of the respondents indicated that they will use their mobile phone for educational services or content.

5) The least popular ads preferred to be viewed by youth was about Brands.

6) The respondents response towards mobile web ads?

55% Indicated that they will click through on the ad if it is of interest.
12% Indicated that they will NOT click through on the ad even if it is of interest.
Other responses and reactions towards ads will be available in our report.

The detailed report will be available towards the end of this coming week and we welcome any comments or feedback.

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