Early afternoon we at Rlabs were busy setting up the control room and to make sure everything is ready for the registration later that evening at seven o’ clock. All the facilitators were at hand and ready for the presentation, excited to get the year started with new members of the community.

Just before seven members of the community started rolling into the new space at Rlabs.They were very excited to know what they will be learning this year. To our surprise there were more members present than we expected and it looks like we could be doing two classes for Social & New Media every Tuesday. Brent did a quick Check in where everyone had to share a little about themselves and what it is that they are expecting for this course and thereafter did a short presentation on the course for the term.

At the end everyone looked really excited to be a part of this class.

Our classes will be starting the 8th of March 2011 every Tuesday until the 5th of July2011. To socially revolutionize our communities is our goal.

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