Had a very productive session last night in the Social and New Media class. Brent Williams was presenting a very exciting social media tool called Youtube where we had the two classes combined, but the one class was more co- facilitating the session with Brent and myself.

We started with our usual check-in and giving them a small presentation on the new tool than got participants setting up the Youtube accounts with the help some of our more advanced participants. We had them make little video clips and uploading it to Youtube and than sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Uploading the clips took a few minutes but when it was all uploaded everyone was very excited to share more stories on this new social media tool.

We always have fun sharing our information with the community and really anyone that wants to learn more about these Social Media tools, we don’t know it all but we like to share what we know. All our training that we do with our participants in the community has no cost to it, that is why Rlabs is having a Winter Campaign, so feel free to click on our campaign and make a donation and be part of Rlabs bringing Social Media for Social change to our communities. We appreciate your support.


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