The evening started very well with all our participants ready and excited to take that leap into the unknown of Social Media. For some it was their first time on a computer and  we were pushing some boundaries and others just wanted to know more about what we have to offer, it was a great start.

The class had to be split into two because of the amount of participants, so myself, Rene and Gary Saaiman doing one class and Brent, Angelo and Tamzin Martin doing the other class. Tamzin and Gary being last years graduates and champions from our communities. Both started classes started a welcome and a check in, where everyone had to share a bit about themselves and their expectations of the course.  Than a short presentation on what Social Media really is and than we an even shorter presentation on Gmail, where after they had to create their own email accounts, which was really fun for all.

The evening ended pretty much the same way it started, with so much enthusiasm and excitement going round and it was very pleasing to see the participants not wanting to leave when the class came to an end, makes us at Rlabs look forward to the next one.


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