The Kujali Caregivers 2.0 group graduated just over a week ago. They were introduced to social media and started playing on various social networks. But due to a keen interest and a special request to RLabs by the caregivers to not stop the training just yet, we agreed to have 2 more sessions with the caregivers. The caregivers agreed and arranged to come to RLabs on a Friday afternoon for 2 weeks on their own time after a hard days’ work of caring and taking care of their frail and incapacitated patients.

We were very encouraged to see the caregivers so excited for social media and it just makes us realize that we should not underestimate the power of social media. As the Kujali training covered the basics already. It was time to introduce them to video blogging and sharing. By the end of a long week the group was not only physically but mentally drained as well, after their week out in the community and everyday giving of themselves selflessly. We did think it would take some encouraging and coaching to get them excited and into Youtube, but just after a few minutes into the training and them hearing all about Youtube and it’s possibilities, there was no stopping the women. They tackled YouTube with as much vigour, zest and enthusiasm as they did all the other social media tools. Now they had something new to add to their already active skill set.

Source: RLabs

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