Kim Chetty sharing her experience in the RLabs space as a co-facilitator. Kim is a project manager at a leading business incubator called the Bandwidth Barn, where she  manages and coordinates enterprise development  programmess that assist start-up businesses with the necessary business skills needed to grow and maintain sustainability within their businesses. She has recently  joined the Social Revolution, and below are some of her experiences.

As a new co-facilitator helping out at RLabs, specifically with the Geeky Moms classes, I felt an acute sense of trepidation and anxiety, initially I was more concerned about whether I was geeky enough to be helping out with this class, but alas the Geeky Moms put my fears to rest with their enthusiastic attitudes and positive energy.


In the last six weeks, we’ve covered a number of topics including an understanding of the Internet and the web, search engines, Twitter and online searching. Granted these aren’t easy topics to grasp at first but these Moms really embrace every challenge because they driven by a hunger to learn and know more about this intimidating “thing” called the Internet.

My favorite story is by a Mom, whose children are living in different countries; social media has enabled her to communicate with her children more frequently, thus making the distance between them just a little bit shorter. Being part of the moms’ growth has been most rewarding; I’m looking forward to the rest of this journey of empowerment as we unpack the remaining topics.


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