A couple months ago we did Social Media activities for the World Bank who was hosting The Innovation Fair conference. The conference was held at the beautiful La Vendome Hotel in Seapoint, Cape Town. At this conference there were guest from all over the world representing various projects that has been selected.

The World Bank approached RLABS with the Social Media Factory team  to capture this event and create a buzz online. The Social Media Factory’s mission was to drive as many people to their website and their Ning page. There was more than 50 000 hits to their page over the period of two days and the strategy we did for them was very successful.

We met lots of influential people at this particular conference and one of them was Prof. Marion Lees from the University of Western Cape (UWC). Last week UWC hosted the International Sport and Development Conference – Beyond 2010 and she asked  RLABS with their Social Media Factory team to come out and do the same type of coverage as we did for the World Bank conference.

Here are the topics that were to be discussed and that we were to blog and micro – blog about over the 3 day conference:

DAY 1: Young Researchers Day.

Innovative research about various topics in the field of Sport for Development, including the Millennium Development Goals, Research Methodology, Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Transformation and Peace building, etc. will be presented mainly by BA/Hons/MA-students, PhD-students and Postdocs.

DAY 2 and 3: International Conference.

The impact of the World Cup will be analysed from various perspectives including, Health, Media, Tourism and Social and Economic Development. It will be examined from regional, national and international viewpoints. Lessons learnt as well as initiatives beyond 2010 will be discussed, looking towards next Mega-events, like the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games in Brazil. Therefore the conference hosts various national and international guest speakers.

RLABS is looking at covering and doing more of these types of conferences in the future. If there are any big conference happening out there and you need Social Media coverage you can contact us and we can do the Social Media activities  for you.

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