Every second week we will be hosting a group of school girls for the introduction to social media and the various tools on the World Wide Web. The social media classes forms part of their life skills for the year. These sessions  will be facilitated by 2009 mom2.0 graduate Rae Goedeman. Rae is a widow from the Bridgetown Community, who has acquired the necessary skills, and has taken the initiative to present social media tools to them.

Students of CMES by Reconstructed Living Lab.

We barely touched the surface on social media platforms, such as Blogging, Micro-Blogging, Facebook and Video Photo Sharing sites. The students has never used Social Media tools via Pc’s . This will make them a perfect candidate for Social Media Experts, and can facilitate the next batch of students. The focus is “Social Media for Social Change”

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  1. Hi Craig thanks for the blog.its very well written.Im emailing ur copy to daughter in Luxembourg.Who knows we might get recognition from international school of lux.Love (added by Mobile using Mippin)

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