For this couple of weeks to come I will be part of the SM Factory team that will do a Social Media campaign for Nu Metro (movie house) who will release a movie called I Now Pronounce You Black and White“. I am excited to be part of a team that will be doing and driving a campaign for South Africa’s first Romantic Comedy under Ollywood Productions. I Now Pronounce You Black and White (INPYBAW) will be at your nearest Cinemas  14 May 2010. As we build up to the releasing date we want you to stay tuned as we are giving away prizes.

We will keep you updated on the twitter stream and facebook page

“I Now Pronounce You Black and White” Plot Outline:

When two people fall in love and get married it is a joyous occasion, right? Wrong!
When Simon Dawson (Tyrel Meyer) and his black girlfriend, Jackie Msolisi (Astara Mwakalumbwa) announce their engagement, Simon’s racist, white parents are furious. Felix Dawson (Ian Roberts), a staunch Afrikaner, and his pretentious, Jewish wife Sheila (Bo Petersen), are determined not to let their son “marry the help”.

Jackie’s parents, Pauline and Clarence Msolisi (Sylvia Mdunyelwa & Kwezi Kobus) are equally appalled by their daughter’s decision to marry “a Whitey”. Pauline vows to stop the wedding at any cost.
I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU BLACK AND WHITE is a hilariously fun film, full of outrageous characters that will make your family look like the Brady Bunch, as true love tries to conquer all, against all odd.

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