The Social Media Surgery concept is where we go to shopping malls, shopping centers and public places where we provide social media training, advice to the public, non-profits and businesses all in the format of a surgery. This is the first of its kind in Africa, allowing local citizens to engage with one another and globally. The spot for the Surgery was at the Bridgetown  Community Centre a location that is central and where gangsters hang out.

Early Saturday morning the RLABS team met at the office and loaded all the equipment needed for the Social Media Surgery. The cool thing was that we did not have to travel far as this event was to be held at the local community centre in the area. At the community centre we set up our speakers outside to play music and make announcements to attract the crowds. Inside we set up our laptops from where we were going to sign up various Social Media accounts for the locals.

It s was not long before the curiosity got the better of the people walking past and they streamed in to see what was happening. We explained to them what we are doing and they were more than happy to be signed up to facebook, twitter and blogging platforms for free. We have also invited the same people to the RLABS space in the future to enhance their social media knowledge.

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  1. hi, i know of someone who is working day to day with a computer but has no docs to prove her skills, can u help in this regard pls, maybe a crash course or something…thks tony

  2. Hi I would like to know when in December is ur nextregistration pls aande what the courses are that u offer thanks

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