Our project manager Rene Parker asked me to give her the number of people Rlabs has trained up thus far,as  she needed to put it in a report. The total I  gave to her was more than 70 people and she said that I must take another look at this total as she felt that there were far more people that we’ve trained. When I did an in depth investigation I was shocked to see how many people we have actually trained.

This is the stats we got:

Senior Citizen 47 females 3 males =50

MOM2.0 =10

MOM3.0 =20

Reconstructed 2008 2 females 12 males =14

Reconstructed 2009 10 males

Reconstructed 2010 5 males

Social Media for Teens 8 females 12 males = 20

Social Media for social Change Workshop 19 females 1 male =20

Social Media Surgery 47 people

Advice Support Network 15 females 40 males = 55

NGO training 5 females 20 males = 25

=276 trainees 127 males 149 females

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