The past week has been another great time to change lives through the academies in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Across the two campuses more than 800 community members were equipped with skills ranging from Technology to Entrepreneurship. It was also the first week where the GROW Academy started their new Leadership programme serving more than a 100 young people. Seeing the enthusiasm and excitement proved that equipping this generation with the required skills to thrive in their communities, our nation and in the world is crucial if we want to see change.

We also got some incredible feedback from some of the Mom 6.0 class participants in the academy who already saw the power of technology changing their lives. One of the women who have been unemployed for 5 years and introduced to Google and email a week ago. She used her skills to search for a job, applied for it and she is now employed for the first time in years. Another participant in the Johannesburg Entrepreneurship programme decided that although she is HIV+ that she would use her experience and what she has learned to open a nursery school for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Proving once more that once you have hope renewed that anything would be possible.

If the above is just a few examples of what we already experiencing in the academy after 2 weeks then we definitely looking forward to what 2013 has in-store for each and everyone who will be coming through the doors at the RLabs Academy of Hope.

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