It is early Saturday morning and RLabs is about to embark on another exciting journey to establish the first technology space in the town called Atlantis. The team from Cape Town along with the Atlantis Champions will be launching the academy offering Digital Media and Entrepreneurship as the first 2 course offerings.

Without any idea of what to expect or who would arrive for the training experience, we were hoping to at least have a few people attending which will allow us an opportunity to build and grow the RLabs Atlantis early next year. Upon our arrival we were shocked to see that all our courses were fully booked, Digital Media had 3 times the amount of people that we could cater for and the excitement by the local community to learn was so overwhelming that we knew Hope was rising in Atlantis. The Academy will be a fundamental part of the RLabs strategy for the local community with the hope of launching its Entrepreneurial School and InnovIA early next year.

Without a doubt we believe that something new and exciting will be emerging from Atlantis that will serve as the beacon of hope for other communities along the West Coast of Cape Town.

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