From absolutely no expectation to a complete change of mindset. The second week of the six week Summer Grow Academy Bootcamp 2012 kicks off with a difference at the RLabs Hub in Bridgetown.

During weeks of preparation the RLabs facilitators soon reached a reality that the attendees of the Bootcamp in actual fact has ‘outsmarted’ the basics of social media. Their main priority now was to find an innovative strategy that would meet the objective of the project that being to add value to the lives of these young,driven, intelligent individuals through social media.

And with tremendous effort this objective was indeed met. As attendees were left astonished by the mind blowing sessions that were evidently led by a few of the most influential speakers known:

Craig Ross accompanied by Web addict Rafiq Phillips Beyond 2020, Rafiq shared 5 moving points to conquer that being consistency, looking outward ( trends on the internet), Looking within. Another inspiring aspect of Rafiq is his life journey how he went from being a normal blogger to now blogging for one of the most popular company’s in South Africa Mxit. The case studies that were presented by Craig Ross were fun and motivated individuals to think about innovations. Brent Williams and Maximillian Kaizen: Unbox your Brain. The highlight of this session was the privilege of having Max Kaizen as she is known to be one of the best presenters ever. The most valuable lesson learnt was to put on your PRO shell and unpack the opportunities that is available on the internet. One of the participants expresses her personal experience ” Max she was awesome one of the things she left me with Be memorable and that’s exactly what she was I took so much from Max’ s lesson. I now command my space, I have my Pro shell on, I can now go where very few dare to and strive for the seemingly impossible”.

Monique Ross and Laura Hallam from : Zero to Hero Web PR. This session was evidently the most intense however one of the most valuable skills obtained. Participants had the opportunity to write their own press release. Valuable lesson was how to deal with crises management strategies in relation to public relations. Clinton Liederman , Kate Wolters and Team from Added Value: The Insight Edge. Four empowering Women shared to there being more to Marketing Insight and Desk research. One of the most valuable lessons expressed by participants is that: ” its the negative ideas or messages people have about the product that shows you the bigger opportunity. A highlight of the session was the opportunity to obtaining the skills on how to write a report”.

We look forward to the upcoming weeks in January 2013 for some more empowering and strengthening of digital minds through innovation.

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