South Africa: Launch of RLabs Academy in Atlantis

This weekend RLabs in South Africa will be launching another Academy in the Western Cape. The new home for RLabs will be in the town, Atlantis that is roughly 40 km from Cape Town. Originally established during the Apartheid era as a community for Cape Town’s “Coloureds”, it has approximately 250,000 residents with another 200,000 people staying in surrounding areas. The region suffers under high levels of poverty and unemployment with very little happening in the form of industries or business in the town.The plethora of organisations lending social and economic assistance to the people of Atlantis are in a struggle and support has seemed to be very limited.

RLabs is therefore excited to be launching in Atlantis as it has all the potential to become the beacon of Hope for towns along the West Coast of South Africa. The first courses to be launched at the Academy in Atlantis are the Introduction to Digital Media, Mom 2.0 and Entrepreneurship courses. The exciting news is that the courses has already been fully booked and the Social Revolution of Hope has begun in Atlantis.

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8 thoughts on “South Africa: Launch of RLabs Academy in Atlantis

  1. The community of Atlantis really needs this. I think RLAB will do a GREAT job in Atlantis. We never had these kind of resources in Atlantis and I hope that everyone will take part in this venture with you guys.

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