It has been an awesome three weeks thus far with the new Legends for the year 2012, and we still excited to see what’s to emerge from the remaining 45 weeks.

We’ve introduced them to Social media and its tools, the Web versus the Internet, got some discussion around RLabs and what their expectations are for the Legacy programme. As a practical we started off with Email, merely because when they leave and venture into the business world it is of importance to have access to an email address. Thus we equipped them with creating an email from Gmail and basic skills around how to send an email. Other Gmail functionalities was also shown to them such as the instant messaging, video chat and appearances. Other Google applications that we also explored on was Maps and Translate, and surprisingly we have implemented a new initiative of having the learners do a check out on Google Documents.

Apart from Social Media, we do also have a class that runs on a Tuesdays that focuses on Life Coaching, and for the past three weeks it has been about building relationships, getting to know one another and sharing their identity in an open space.

These are the three questions we currently asking the learners: What do you want to be? What do you want to do? And, Who do you want to help?

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