A group of dedicated student counsellors at the NMMU has been trained by one of the trainers from RLabs to be skilled in implementing and applying the Mxit counselling system (JamiiX). The day started off with getting to know each other better and an introduction to what RLabs has to offer, followed by a demonstration of how some aspects of the system works. The training was concluded by a practical session during which trainees went ‘live’ onto the system, putting into practice what they have been taught.

It was thus a matter of ‘tell’, ‘show’ and ‘do’  to get knowledgeable  and skilled in the ins and outs of Jamiix  and its updated interface – all in a matter of 3 hours and all while having great fun! The Mxit counselling (Jamiix) will soon be implemented into Student Counselling’s Peer Helping system to expand its application in a user-friendly way.  It will enable NMMU students to anonymously connect with counselling services via the peer helpers to receive help with personal, career and academic matters.

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