We’ve just reached midway of our second month in the Academy and the buzz when the community scholars gather is something to behold. They have so much energy and a great appetite for learning that it is amazing to see how they’ve grown since the beginning of the year.

RLabs currently have an offering of 20 courses FREE to the community and have had more than 400 applicants to attend the academy for the first 6 months. Three aspects we’ve learned about creating community driven learning environments that proves to be very useful are:

1) Open learning environments that are filled with community champions

2) Unconventional learning approaches

3) Do not compromise the quality of the learning experience.

We’ve already seen more of our academy members showing interest for further studies, considering applying what they’ve learned in their work environments and to start their own businesses as well as showing the desire to return RLabs as a facilitator.

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    1. Hi Rene. The course offering for second half of the year will be available next month. Please join our Facebook page or visit end of next month for more details. Looking forward to welcoming you to the Academy.

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