I know the journey is amazing when I have to try and rephrase myself over and over again, finding the correct words to express how exciting, pleasing and so may other awesome experiences I have encountered while being in Atlantis.

Atlantis has been written off by many people as a place of no hope, but things have changed. 7 weeks ago when we started the Rlabs Academy at Rlabs Atlantis we knew that this was going to be something great. The people in Atlantis really have spirit and they are hungry for change, not just for themselves but to see their community being transformed as well.

A team from Rlabs Cape Town has been going to Atlantis for the last 7 weeks just to get the ball rolling and they have always returned with a sense of being revitalized and I know that feeling, it is when you start to give hope to a people looking for hope and reaching out. It has not been rosy every week as we going through birth pains as we trying to establish a solid communication connection, which at the moment can become a pain in Atlantis for many people. Yet nothing seems to derail the people of Atlantis from their hope and determination to make the most of the opportunity afforded to them by Rlabs.

There is nothing more pleasurable than to see people appreciating the opportunity afforded to them. Rlabs Atlantis is truly going to impact the world.

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