On Wednesday, the 07 June 2012, we have reached week 5 of our 8 week Social Media training for a group of people from The Haven Night Shelter. The Haven is a temporarily night shelter for the homeless people with various disadvantaged backgrounds.

The aim of the 8 week programme is to empower and transmit hope into these people’s lives through the use of Social Media training, introducing them to the digital world and giving them a platform to share their stories. The first week of training was kicked off with Google and creating Gmail accounts. After exploring Google and its apps, the group were introduced to the social network giant – Facebook and thereafter moving into the famous Micro-blogging tool – Twitter.

Each week of training thus far has been fun and exciting for this group of people, with the momentum excitement only increasing, making them feel on the forefront of things.  One of the most outstanding things for them is having the privilege of working on a laptop and feeling valued.

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