The story of Suzanne Smith as a Warrior of Light is beautifully captured by Chidiogo Akunyili below:

Warriors of light they are called. With an inner stream of light, she has no rival for her path is her very uniqueness. Uniqueness she inspires in others to see in themselves. Guiding a sea of souls by the strength of the force she carries within herself, a force that has overcome great adversities, she transforms others and herself included into a weapon of mass construction. She is joy beheld, love shared, fear smiled at in the face. She is Suzanne and her dream is to ride a red bus around Cape Town.

She is a warrior of light growing with each act of kindness; with each act of strength, and with each act of love, all of which she shares in abundance. By her own admission, she loves people, loves her community, loves dancing and music, “any kind of music that has a beat”. She loves seeing people happy, seeing a smile on people’s faces.
Coming from the darkness of alcohol, drug abuse, violence and ‘gangsterism’, she has brought her darkness to the light, obliterating ‘what was’ with the endless potential of ‘what could be’ and ‘what is’, a labour of strength and love supported by the many angels in the form of mentors that have come her way.

“I know what it’s like not to have, to live in a shack where water comes from the roof. I have accomplished things. I can go home at night and go to my boys and be a proud mommy. If I hadn’t made that decision four years back to change the lifestyle I was living, I would not have found myself, sharing and living life to the fullest of love. I am proud of who I am and what I’m doing. I have achieved ten folds more that I could have ever imagined. God has been with me on this journey. I am still on this journey”.
The journey is life, made up of countless twists and turns. Who is Suzanne, she is a soul that has recognized herself and her purpose to guide others to their light.

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