Had an early start on Day 1 with registration at 07:30am and with all the hype building up to the conference I didn’t get much sleep the night before. Arrived at the venue bright and early and got a bit concerned when there were not many people there. This did not deter the speakers who still went on to present with so much passion and insight on their areas of expertise.

One such speaker and the Keynote speaker on the day was none other thanShel Israel, you can follow him on twitter@ShelIsrael, who has a list of achievements longer than my arm. He started off by telling everybody that he loves storytelling and that’s exactly what he did. He had the crowd eating out of his hands with his storytelling capabilities. He pulled in real life stories about real people with real experiences all related to social media and how they overcame the challenges they faced using social networks.  Shel showed us that social media can no longer be ignored  by any institution. You can read more on Shel’s talk on memeburn.

Another speaker that stood out on the day was none other than the ninja himself, Eran Eyal (@EranEyal on twitter) the co-founder of Springleap speaking on ‘Crowdsourcing: travelling beyond the barriers of social media space.’ Eran introduced his latest project he is working on, Evly, the first crowdsourcing social network. We managed to get an interview with Eran, check out the interview below.

by: Clinton Liederman

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