Consider this, if you one to take financial risks in the hope of profit – you are an entrepreneur. If you see potential in the market, you are an Entrepreneur, if you do and see things differently and act upon that, you are an entrepreneur. Being an Entrepreneur comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes, merely fixing a problem is considered entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs, they take pride in their losses and celebrate their failures and see them as learning and growing experiences.

Day 1 of the Entrepreneurship boot camp, we acknowledge that all people are different, hence having different traits, in an opposed to the types of entrepreneurs we get, namely: the innovator, the hustler, and the researcher, all in the respect in what they do. As a team, the interns had to identify the type of Entrepreneur they are and how that can help solve their identified challenges.

Day 2, Falling in love with the problem. We know from an analogy of a romantic relationship, that falling in love with the problem at hand, means to get to know the problem at an intimate sense. Each team, discussing the issues and finding solutions to the problems by using the five why analysis. Going to the root of the problem and finding the cause of where it lies.

Robert Kiyosaki, a businessman, and author who is famously known for his quote, “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity”. We provided the GLA interns with a platform to explore the challenges faced by the community by utilizing the Javelin board. Idea Generation and Problem Validation was the focus of this session. The interns, in all their research, have now generated ideas for the problems so that they can identify and validate their findings. This way, solving the problem that the community is faced with.

Within just four days of Entrepreneurial Skills development, the interns were given, we got to see and hear their business proposal and understand the pains they identified in their community. Their proposal has been brought forward in a form of the hit TV Show “Dragons Den” and pitched their business, risking it all in return seeing the needs met by the people they validated their findings on.

Granted the platform the GLA interns were provided, it has deemed them great success. Of the participating teams, four of those teams were made finalist. In its succession, the judges look to enrol the teams in its respected places, where the products and services they pitched come to meet the appropriate setting to outsource their business.

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