My name is Tasneem Eckardt and I’m 21 years old. I reside in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain. I am a qualified massage therapist, also studying part-time towards an ECD Qualification. I’ve done an IT course through Atvance Academy.

As a young individual, I was confused as to which career to pursue. I then saw an opportunity to further equip myself with digital skills at RLabs and also have an impact on others. My dream was always to be of service to others. RLabs has broadened my perspective on life and gave me hope. There are so many young individuals who need guidance and I’ve found that in RLabs. I never had a vision of my future and I’ve found that it was difficult to create a vision board. Many youth today most likely struggle with the same thing. But at RLabs, they make your vision clear. They motivate and encourage you to go beyond the norm. Joining the RLabs team has been the best decision I’ve made.

Tasneem Eckardt

There are so many opportunities that await you. The skills I gained while working at RLabs equip me for my future. This opportunity was one that I simply couldn’t miss. Since researching RLabs, I have become more involved in community projects and teamwork. The picture I had in my head was truly amazing and I knew right there that I wanted to be a part of this organization.

I’ve completed a few courses and gained interpersonal skills that were very helpful and allowed me to apply these skills for my future. The only challenge I had was figuring out the Zlto app but I am fully confident in using it now.

This venture has taught me many things. Staying dedicated and remaining consistent and I’ve learnt that teamwork can play an important role in getting work done. The tasks we have done thus far were challenging but they taught us to remain focused. I have enjoyed each task and learnt from them. I understand how nano courses and microtasks now work.

My highlights are our culture sessions every Monday morning. I enjoy it so much. There are many things you can sit and ponder about. Our culture sessions truly have an impact on my entire week. It shares words of encouragement, power and hope. The only low lights I have is that our links are sometimes not able to connect but the issues are always sorted not long after.

This experience has changed my perception of youth and the obstacles that many of us face. We often find that doors are shut and we accept it but that’s where hope comes in. No matter how much a door seems shut, hope has the power to open new doors and new opportunities.

I am so much more positive about life. I see things differently and find that there is always room for growth and improvement.

Many have lost their jobs due to Covid19 but we are still fortunate to have a job at RLabs. I am truly grateful, not only for the fact of earning an income but also for the opportunity to learn, grow and keep on striving. I am always willing to help others and I put in extra time in doing so.

I constantly believed in the Almighty’s plans for me. Even though I got nothing I wanted, I received everything I needed. I made a firm decision to believe that God’s plans for us are always greater than our dreams or wishes. Every path we take has an ending and it allows us to embark on different journeys. Meeting different people, learning new things, every part of it has something to teach you. Nothing happens coincidentally. I’ve managed to believe and have hope, I’ll never give up

To the youth out there:

Remember there are always opportunities, you just need to go out and find them. No matter how far-fetched your dreams seem, there are ways of achieving them. Always have hope, remain positive and find the good in everything. Step by step, day by day, what’s meant to be will find its way.

I would like to thank RLabs so much for allowing me this opportunity and just know that I am truly very grateful. Keep doing what you do! You are the best!

The Skills Accelerator is a proudly RLabs initiative that is made possible thanks to the support of JPMorgan Chase.

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