It was an amazing week conducting training with the 19 Charlie students at the Chrysalis Academy, Day 1 kicked off waiting on the arriving of the students as the local wildlife of the Cape Nature Reserve came rolling down the hills to join us bright and early in the morning, We started with a check-in, Who you are? , How old are you, Why are you here. We then proceeded with introducing the Recruits of the Chrysalis academy to the “Personal Computer“, The Physical, How a computer looks on the inside, from the motherboard, expansion cards and even the brain which is the CPU. Ending the day off with sign-ups to Gmail.

Day 3 started with Google calendar Taryn one of our lead facilitators demonstrated how to create events, invite people via your calendar, notifications when people reply with yes, maybe or no. We then proceeded with introduction to Spreadsheets, The recruits had to create a budget for what their graduation will entail, from guests,food, equipment and even donations that were given, they had to even design a pie graph within Google sheets, So for the entire duration of the Basic Computer we dove deep into G-Suite

The final day began with a fun check-in, If you had a super power, what would it be and why?, The app we introduced today was Google Presentations, The recruits were to design a presentation that consists of a intro: Who I am, Middle: Where I come from (My home town), End: What would the perfect graduation be like, The plague of no Electricity got to us around the stroke of noon, we allowed them to scribe in a notebook, as there would be no way of working on the PCs. Returning with bellies full we had but another half an hour of no power, We chose to form class circles and had some GET TO KNOW YOU sessions with a gift of a lollipop in preparation for their presentations later, The nerves were calmed as they had the opportunity to learn more about each other and why they are here, what their reason behind attending the Chrysalis Academy programme, The moment of them standing face to face with their classmates had dawned on them, the nerves kicked back in but as the day came to an end we visually saw where they from and how joyous the final day being graduation would be to them. They then marched on equipped and our goal for the week was complete, As a first time attendee Facilitator, It was an experience unlike any other, I would do it again, as it brought back the past feelings of imparting knowledge to those who are hungry to learn.

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