The Journey of HOPE: The story of Godfrey Modise

Below is the heartwarming story of one of the champions at RLabs Botswana and what being part of the movement means to him.

I am Godfrey Modise, I have been a volunteer at RLabs since September 2013. RLabs is real a movement of Hope. My life before I came to RLabs is only a memory now, things were not going well for me and felt like society was against me.

I saw an RLABS launch advert on BWJobs4Graduates site (RLabs Botswana supported start-up), I walked from Block to Maru-a-Pula to attend the launch, because I didn’t have money for transport. I attend the training and eventually became a volunteer facilitator at RLABS.

Being part of the RLABS family changed the way I see things and I started seeing life differently. I don’t see myself as an RLabs volunteer anymore, when people ask me where I work I tell them that i work at RLabs,I don’t say I am a volunteer at RLabs.

RLABS has empowered me, and in eighteen months have been able to start my own business a farming Magazine “Farmers Guide” which talks about farming in Botswana and provides affordable advertising for farmers especially youth farmers. In two months I have moved from 5000 to 10000 copies and the demand is overwhelming!

Had I not been part of RLabs I wouldn’t have met Clinton Liederman who advised me to come up with something a business around my passion which is farming.

I believe RLabs can empower other young people out there by instilling the spirit of volunteerism in them and giving them hope so that just like me, one day they can start their own businesses.

It’s never too late to start and remember, “though hope is frail it is hard to kill”




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