The RLabs culture revolves around one word, Hope.

Without giving Hope we cannot achieve the goal, which is to impact 1 third of the worlds’ population. We believe that once someone has hope they can fulfill their destiny and then in turn leave a legacy that will spark┬áhope in others.

In our weekly Culture Session, Marlon encouraged us with the following two points with regards to Hope:

  1. We cannot be conformed to the world. We need to look at things in a different way. There is a law that everything that goes up, must come down. We believe that when someone is down, there is an opportunity for them to get up. Our circumstances does not have to dictate our lives.
  2. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. When someone sees a dark cloud, we see the silver lining. When someone sees a mountain, we see an opportunity for our character to be strengthened.

So now you might be asking yourself, how do I renew my mind? Well, by following these three simple principles:


  1. The way you look at things.
  2. The way that we respond to situations and opportunities.
  3. The way that we treat those around us.

By following these simple guidelines we can not only change our lives, but we can impact the lives of everyone around us.

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