My name is Isidore Africa and I head up RLabsU Bonteheuwel along with my wife Elaine Africa, we currently have 3 children a 10-year-old, a 6-year-old, and a 4-year-old journing with us. We run a church in Bonteheuwel which is in partnership with RLabsU as an arm in equipping the community through practical skills for 3 years now. Having the heart for our youth as well as our community in Bonteheuwel we did not want to start up something from the ground up and then decided to partner up with RLabs to bridge the gap in Bonteheuwel.

In giving a background about Bonteheuwel, it is in the Cape Flats area having + – 65 000 people with a high unemployment rate. One of the reasons for partnering with RLabs is to equip our community with soft-skills, to be employable, and to start up their own business. We continue to look forward to our future journeys with RLabs.

Since inception, we have offered courses such as Introduction to Leadership, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Small Business Management, Introduction to Photography offered by Ricky Johnson, and one of our most popular courses is Design thinking.

In our 1st semester of 2020, we planned to offer two courses but only managed to offer Introduction to Leadership.

As a hub, our goal is to graduate 100 individuals and we believe we can’t do it alone. We have received funding and sponsorships from our church in Bonteheuwel as well as Traffic Brand in Observatory that sponsored us with beverages and stationary. 

The Future:

We would love to have volunteers join the team, it would not only be a great opportunity for them but for them to also apply a different way of thinking and doing things in the RLabsU Bonteheuwel hub (something we are very open to). As a hub, we are adapting and growing, we are interested in reaching more people in diverse ways and instead of people coming to our hub for a course we would like to go to them.

We look forward to a Year of Rise with RLabs in Making Hope Contagious within our communities together.

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