It was with so much excitement that we launched the new home of the RLabs Social Revolution last week Thursday and Friday. It has been 50 days since we moved into the empty run-down space and started the reconstruction journey. The launch was all about the celebration of people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. With the guests arriving for both events there was a buzz of excitement in the air and a firm expectation that it was not only the launch of a new social creative space but the start of a movement, a Social Revolution that will bring change locally and globally.

Marlon Parker, founder of RLabs, shared the story and journey of the Social Revolution and also described RLabs as:

– A Community of Change
– A Movement of People, for people by people
– A Movement of Hope, bring hope to the hopeless
– A Movement of Change, having a positive social change
– A Movement of Innovation and Creativity, having a local impact but a global vision
– A Social Revolution that will present wherever there are a Community of People who will bring hope to the hopeless and making a positive change through Innovation and Creativity.

It was also an opportunity to share some of the stories of our community and was very encouraging hearing Monique Ross and Brent Williams how their lives has been reconstructed and how they’ve become champions in this Social Revolution. We then shared a video (will upload it soon) with the audience to see how the new RLabs Global Innovation Space have been transformed in 50 days.

At the end of the launch we officially declared the RLabs Space open and the beginning of the Social Revolution.

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